WORK MODE: Why + How to Transition Out of It

Posted November 11, 2012 by Melissa Foster in Features

For many of us, the work/life lines are very blurry. That tends to be the case when there is passion behind your work.

While you are working, you are usually in the mode of serving others in some fashion. As you wrap up your work, it’s important to deliberately switch modes from serving others to serving yourself. Having something to symbolically represent the switching of roles can help tremendously.

But how does one do this??

The easiest way to accomplish the “switch” is to have a routine event in which you deliberately take yourself through a mental transition.

Choose a daily, routine event

The following routine events are ideas that could be used during this mental switch:

  • your commute home
  • the short walk from the bus to your doorstep
  • changing out of work clothes into something more comfy
  • taking a shower
  • petting your dog

Whether you’re using the list above or coming up with one on your own, simply decide on an activity that works for you.

An exercise to use during the event

As you move through this chosen event, allow it to help you slip out of one role and into the next by following these steps:

1)    Inhale: Gratitude for your day

2)     Exhale: Release any crap your holding on to from your day

3)    Repeat steps 1 and 2.

4)    Still breathing deeply, tune your mind to what you are needing in your upcoming evening

5)    See yourself moving through your evening with love and peace

6)    One more deep breath in focusing on gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

7)    Exhale releasing all tension and constricted-ness from your body

The act of deliberately shifting modes after work will help you stay tuned in and present in your own life. THIS IS FUEL. Don’t miss out on it. No one wins with you serving others on an empty tank.

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