Work Wanted: Picking Up a Second Job

Posted March 20, 2014 by Adrienne Asselmeier in Building Your Brand
I’m guilty of always having two jobs (or sometimes more). I tend to have something full time, and then I do a little extra, work at a store, or help someone out with side projects. Yes, I do some things for free, but I tend to have a second paid gig. I like it. It’s my “extra” money that I use to save for something, or it’s a way to get a little extra experience in my field (another line on my resume), or it’s just plain fun.

If you want to make a little extra money, add to your resume, or just plain fill some free time, here are five ideas for ways to find a second job.

  1. Consider your hobbies. Picking up part-time work that is immersed in one of your hobbies can be a great way to get more connected with your community. Make friends, and learn more about your pursuit. You can have fun making some money as an expert in something that maybe wouldn’t be practical for a full-time job. I enjoyed working at a running store to be around runners, stay informed on running events, and to get so much free stuff!
  2. Think about discounts. I knew some people who liked a retail store so much that they picked up a one day/week schedule just for the discounts and to support their retail habit. If the work environment is fun and you’re not over-extending yourself, go for it. It’s your time and your money—do what you want!
  3. Freelance. There are sites out there like Elance that allow you to sign up and then bid on freelance jobs from people who need what you offer. Other sites specialize in freelance staffing for startups and small businesses that can be really interesting. Of all of the suggestions, this is the one that is most likely to fit with what you already do, and be closer to what you make at your full-time job. It’s also great if you want to specialize in something that is in your field but not in your normal job (like how I want to be a fitness writer!).
  4. Ask around. Up for anything? See if any small business owners just need someone to help them power through organizing or miscellany. Talk to your friends about their jobs and see if you can do some odd jobs. You’d be surprised how often this works, is fulfilling, and turns into a relationship.
  5. Roll up your sleeves. Want to do some manual labor instead of paying for a gym membership? See if anyone needs help. Ask your neighbors if they have a big project they could use a hand with. Split wood, live out your lumberjack fantasy for an afternoon. Whatever. If all else fails and it’s awful, just quit. I mean, don’t leave somebody high and dry if you said you’d help, but you’re not committed to making this your living.

As much as I advocate for doing less and enjoying free time, I totally get picking up a second job. It can help to pay off a debt, save for a car or house, or do any other of the less monetary goals or aspirations you might have. Just don’t get caught in the busy trap.

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