Work Your Email to Make it Magical: Here’s How

Posted April 15, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

Email is arguably the most amazing invention of the internet, but at the same time can inhibit productivity like nothing else in your professional career. Sure, you can communicate across an ocean in the snap of a finger, but you can also blow a full day doing very little except bowing down to the email gods.

Women 2.0, though, is giving you the most amazing pieces of software and insider tricks to make your email….magic! Try these tips and get out of your email rut:

Boomerang allows you to schedule sending emails at a later time, removes messages from your inbox until you need them, and reminds you to follow up without your having to keep track. (Boomerang works with Gmail and Google Apps. There’s also a version for Outlook.)

Similarly, will remind you when to follow up with people, letting you archive emails which will reappear in your inbox at the time you specify. Not having to juggle reminders in your calendar works particularly well for sales and networking. ( integrates with Salesforce, and works with any email interface.)

Gmail’s Canned Responses feature is perfect for anyone who needs template-based responses. Instead of typing out yet another formulaic email, or dealing with the mess of cutting and pasting, you can insert a canned response with a click and go from there. You can also set up an auto-response to messages for which you’ve set up a filter. (This feature is available in Gmail Labs. Outlook users also can set up a similar process.)

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