An Ode to Working Moms- Infographic

Posted May 7, 2013 by Danielle Bilbruck in Life After Five
This Sunday, mothers around the world will be celebrated–did you know that Mother’s Day ranks as the third most celebrated holiday in the world, behind Christmas and Easter? Do we know why we’re celebrating?

Though not a mom, I am the product of a mom who held down a full-time job in addition to maintaining her home and family well. While no one can discount the (to me, unenviable) work that stay-at-home moms do, I want to dedicate this infographic to working moms like my own. While the world may not pay you what you are worth, and while you may be under a ridiculous amount of stress to excel at everything in your world (sit in the C-suite and take home Mom-of-the-Year awards…I mean, who can’t do such things, amirite?), we appreciate you for your tireless crusade and will keep working to eliminate the obstacles in your way.



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Danielle Bilbruck is an achievement-oriented and energetic professional in the sales world. She is dedicated to increasing efficiency and productivity in order to maximize profitability. Known for her ability to master a position quickly, Danielle has moved up the ladder several times in each company she has worked with. She is a direct and clear communicator, both in written and oral disciplines, and is excited about being a contributor to CGN. She is dedicated to motivating women of all ages around her toward excellence - simply because she expects it from herself.