Write “The Anti-Bio” and Pump Up Your Failures

Posted August 23, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

A while back, we brought you an article about “Erasing Resume Blunders,” something everyone wants to do at one time or another in their career. We all have experiences (or whole jobs), we wish never existed and could instead be replaced with some incredibly glamorous experience as an MTV VJ or the like. The Glass Hammer, though, came up with an even better idea than erasing these failures and foibles. They say, USE THEM! In fact, they’re advocating the construction of “the anti-bio,” a transformation tool they believe will help you to move on, move up, and let go of some of the failures you wish you were disguising.

In the article “Using Failure as Fuel: The Anti-Bio,” The Glass Hammer tells us to sit down, write your bio, and include all the dirty, messy, scary failures you wish no one knew about. When writing your anti-bio, Robin Madell tells us to consider the growth we’ve experienced because of our failures, the coping skills we learned along the way, and being able to leave the anti-bio behind and focus on successes when needed.

To read Robin Madell’s full article, click here. And tell us, what are some of the things you’d list on your anti-bio?

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