Year End Resolutions – Start Now

Posted November 6, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in Life After Five
Year End Resolutions

I started a ritual a couple years ago, that most people don’t know. You see, rather than start my resolutions in January I put them in place now in November or December. That way by the time January rolls around, I’ve already worked out the kinks and am well on my way to achieving whatever I set out to. It sets the theme for my year early, and almost feels like I get an early start on everyone else.

We’ve got about 8 more weeks left in 2013. And yet, this is a time of year for so many of us when we throw in a the towel. We put that diet off until 2013. We wait to start our next challenge in January as a resolution. We resist implementing anything new in these holiday months of November and December.

What if instead you could do something truly extraordinary to end your year? What if while everyone else was sitting around eating cookies and drinking one too many cocktails you were getting in the best shape of your life? What if while others sit back doing online shopping, you do something really meaningful to give back this holiday season? 8 weeks is an ample amount of time, you can still get a lot in this year. Let’s not give up yet. Try out a Year End Resolution so you celebrate the close of 2013 feeling accomplished, strong, and focused. Why wait?

Focusing on a project or new challenge in a fun and healthy way can actually keep you from sliding into some of the inter family drama and overwhelming Holiday hooplah.

Follow this steps to end your year on a high note, accomplishing something you are really proud of.

  1. What sort of project have you been putting off all year long? Trying out that new women’s self defense class? Creating that charity organization you’ve been dreaming about. Starting that blog of recipes? Make a list of a few of your ideas. Keep it to things that are fun and exciting, rather than daunting “have to” types of tasks.
  2. Pick your project. That’s one thing that you’d like to give energy and attention to for the remainder of this year. Got it? Great.
  3. Now think about why you want to do this. What will doing this give you? What does this activity allow you to gain or lose? Is this something you really want to do from your heart and soul, or are you doing it out of obligation or to illicit a response from someone? Stick with the former and you’ll have all the motivation you need to stay focus.
  4. Make a game plan. Is this something you need to schedule or enroll in? What are the steps you need to take? When do you want to complete those by? What’s the first thing you’ll do to get the ball rolling?
  5. Rally your team. Create a support network for this. Invite a friend to share an experience with you. Tell your friends and family what you’re up to. The more you share what you’re doing, the more enthusiasm, accountability, and support you’ll receive. Who do you want to enroll to help you with this?
  6. Create incentives. Decide on a reward ahead of time. That dress you pinned on your Pinterest board. The spa day you’ve been longing for. Think about how you want to celebrate your success. That way when you pop open the champagne on new year’s eve, you’ll have more to get excited about then just a new year.
  7. Stay engaged and follow up. It’s really easy to start a resolution or project, and lose steam. Stay focused with weekly check ins. How would you like to hold yourself accountable? Love spreadsheets? Have a buddy you call to report your progress? Find something that works for you. Rework your plan as it unfolds, so you stay up to date and up to speed.
  8. Take the pressure off. I said pick one project, not 17 (I tried doing this with 17 projects, it was a flop. Doesn’t work!). Notice when you start saying “yes” to everything. Keep your eye on the prize here. Remember nothing you do or don’t do effects your value or worth as a person. You’re doing this because you want to, not because you have to or need to prove something.

What is your Year End Resolution?

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