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You Deserve a Break Today

Posted May 23, 2013 by Lauren McCabe Herpich in Life After Five
You Deserve a Break Today

  • Add June events to website
  • Edit articles
  • Call sister to congratulate her on her graduation
  • Write Career Girl Network article
  • Workout
  • Clean bathroom

This is just a sample of what was on my to-do list last Saturday. But when my husband suggested that we head 45-minutes north and spend the day in Napa, all of that got thrown out the window. He was going to play in a golf tournament and I had planned on spending the day on a lovely outdoor patio with wifi.  Of course I had every intention of getting it all done. I brought my laptop, power cord and iPhone. Ok, so I knew the workout or bathroom cleaning was not going to get done, but I was dead set on making this one of the most productive and enjoyable days ever. Was I kidding?!

No sooner did the sunshine hit my face and a glass of Napa cabernet hit my lips, my day was done. I went from being that savvy teleworker who could get her job done anywhere to that crazy who carries her laptop around wine country for no apparent reason. Very quickly my productivity went down the tubes and the desire to just sit in the quiet and take a nap took over.

I will admit that while I enjoyed closing my eyes and just doing nothing, I beat myself up over it. I had so much to do and I wasted an entire day. My poor husband had to listen to me complain about how lazy I had been and how much I would need to do over the next couple of days to catch up.  However, what he reminded me on the way home was 1. I really needed a day off and 2. what person in their right mind thinks they are going to get work done in Napa?! I had set myself up for feeling like a “failure” by even bringing my laptop in the first place.

But looking back, I realize that taking a day off has given me more energy to get those things on my to-do list done as well as everything else that has come up this week. In fact, an article in The Atlantic last year made the case for taking a break as it cites that our biology dictates a need for mental and physical rest in order to keep going.

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