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Your 5 Minute Career “Homework”

Posted August 18, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

Sure, it’s been a while since you’ve been in school. But here at Career Girl Network, every Sunday night, we’re bringing you “Homework” – a simple task that will take less than 10 minutes (most less than 5) and still have a significant impact on your career.

Here’s your homework for tonight!

  •  Email an old boss. Often we take the time to stay connected to past coworkers or mentors, but lose touch with our supervisors. So think back into your past jobs, even an internship if that was more important to you, and drop a line to the person who was your supervisor at that job. If you don’t have his or her email, find that individual on LinkedIn, connect, and send a nice note.
  • The note could be:
    • An invitation to reconnect over coffee or lunch
    • A congratulations note on a new job that person has or something on his or her LinkedIn profile
    • An invitation to an event in your industry
    • A belated thanks for his or her mentorship/influence
    • Or just a note to say hi

Here’s an example of the note you might send:

Greetings from Chicago! I hope all is well with you. I see from LinkedIn you’ve taken a new job with XX Company. Congratulations! I know (job skill or title) was something you were very interested in doing, and I’m so happy for you.

As you know, I’m still with XX Company, and absolutely loving my position here. I’ve had the opportunity to (list a project, exciting event, etc. you’ve been working on) and to continue to grow my skills since I’ve worked with you _____.

I’d love to get together to catch up and check in. Could we schedule coffee in the next few weeks?

Take care,

Your name.

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