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Posted February 6, 2013 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

Just a few days ago, we posted about “Finding Your Sweet Spot,” and the post garnered a little bit of controversy. What is your “sweet spot”? How do you find it? And is there one prescriptive way to discover what makes you the best version of yourself? The truth is, no one knows, but the other simple truth is this: it’s very clear to all of us that some people know their passions and are able to harness them much more quickly and easily than others.

Last week, we all heard Beyonce talking about her Super Bowl performance. She said, “This is what I was born to do.” Brazen Careerist is asking a very simple question, though…was anyone born to do anything? Or is it possible that our skills and our passions are really built upon what we get excited about compounded with what we spend time doing. Here is Brazen Careerist’s theory:

So let’s examine an equation I’ve developed with this in mind:

(curiosity + engagement) x time = passion

We start by being curious. From a young age, we’re drawn towards the things that we’re curious about, and as we get older, we’re expected to hone in on one that particularly appeals to us.

This is where most of us get stuck, because we’re afraid to pick something “wrong.” But remember what Newport said: “There is no special passion waiting for you to discover.” In other words, there isn’t a “wrong” choice because there isn’t a “right” choice, either. Pick an interest and roll with it.

Once we’ve picked something, we acquire knowledge about that subject, which requires more curiosity. We pick up some books, read articles and watch videos about our interest. We choose majors in college that allow us to explore our interest more deeply. This gets us acquainted with its world, but we don’t stop there.

Tell us, Career Girls, where do you develop your passions? From birth? Or from experience?

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