Your New Productivity Vocab Word: Batching

Posted March 10, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Batching. Or Batches. Or to Batch. Hmmmm. No, not like cookies, although that’s definitely the image that pops into my mind when someone says the word “batch.” But today, we’re talking about batches of tasks instead of batches of calories. It’s a concept I’ve heard before, but lately it’s been everywhere! My friend Lauren McCabe talked recently about how she batches her time by setting a day to write, a day for meetings, etc. Then, I read that entrepreneurial guru Ali Brown believes in batching, too, and I decided it was about time Career Girl gets talking about this incredible concept outside the kitchen.

What does Ali say about batching?

Basically, batching is ploughing through a bunch of similar tasks at once… looking at all your tasks that you have during a certain week or span of time that are similar in nature and batching them altogether.

So what can you start batching in your own life to make your productivity shoot through the roof and your day-to-day tasks more cost and time effective? Try this tip on email from Ali as well:

Email. Instead of jumping like Pavlov’s dog every time your e-mail bell goes off, take care of email in batches. To ensure success with this, please (I beg you)… turn off e-mail notification on your computer and smart phone. You do not need to know instantly when an e-mail comes in. It’s not designed to be urgent communication. The e-mail will still be there later, and you can write back to them at that time.

I will note that while most productivity experts don’t recommend checking email first thing in the morning, I do. Why? I have several team members on the East Coast who, by the time I am out of my pre-coffee brain fog, are waiting for answers on things to allow them to move forward and have a productive day themselves. So I allow about an hour in the a.m. to address the quick answers, and then save emails that require more thought for later on.

Ali has great tips for batching your bills, your phone calls, your meetings, and much more. Click here to read the entire article now.

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