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Posted March 16, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

Every Saturday, you get your weekly dose of “Stay in Bed Stimulus” – great reads, fun videos, and amazing podcasts and pieces of music that will make you want to stay in bed an extra hour, and get your much needed relaxation time in this weekend!


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Cosmopolitan’s First Career Insert: CosmoCareers

Stay with us, ladies. We understand Cosmopolitan may not be the favorite publication of the Career Girl demographic. Frankly, we’d moved on from Cosmo as well, and counted our favorite fashion and girly mag as Marie Claire for many years. But we took notice last year when Marie Claire’s famed Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles left her desk there to take the helm at Cosmopolitan.

One of Joanna’s first changes? To implement Cosmo’s first ever “CosmoCareers” this month, an insert with Sheryl Sandberg on the cover. Trust us, it’s worth a read!


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The New Documentary You Have to See: Girl Rising

9 girls, 9 countries, 9 incredible stories. If you want to know what is happening in the world, if you want to see how girls are affected by everything from educational deficiencies to economic disparities, but at the same time be uplifted in a belief that girls can change the world, this is the film for you.

Career Girl was lucky to participate in a screening of Girl Rising in Chicago this week, and invite you all to find a screening in your area today.


Click here to find a screening in your area.


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Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

If you haven’t met her yet, it’s about time you get to know “Grammar Girl.” Sure, we all have at least OK grammar skills, but we can all beef up those skills from time to time. If you don’t have time to read the AP Guide, make sure to take a few minutes each week and listen to one of Grammar Girl’s truly fun and informative podcasts.

From dangling participles to addressing married women on wedding invitations and much more, Grammar Girl tackles it all in her podcasts.


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