Your Handwriting: Key to the “Real” You?

Posted August 14, 2013 by Kristen J. Zavo in Life After Five
There are so many ways we can control how others perceive us – major decisions like the careers we choose, how we spend our free time, and who we spend it with – to the more subtle things like body language, our style of dress, even our online presence. While all of these are clues to the “real” you, with a little self-awareness, they are pretty much under your control.

That is why I find handwriting analysis so interesting – it’s one of the few areas that most of us haven’t overanalyzed, perfected (or faked!), which means that it’s more likely to be a true barometer of personality. Let’s face it – by the time you are an adult, your handwriting pretty much is what it is. It is authentic and unique to you. And many believe that it isn’t just an indicator of personality, but also your mood, abilities – and get this, even certain illnesses!

SO…have some fun with the infographic below from Lifehack’s What Does Your Handwriting Say About You? post. But before you read on, grab a sample of your writing – maybe even a couple: one from work (when you’re likely at your most serious, stressed-out self) and one from home, perhaps from a journal or to-do list. Also, look at a letter a from a friend or significant other, maybe even the scribblings of an instructor or boss…

What do you think? Are you surprised by what you find? Do you agree with the traits your writing style reveals about you and those close to you?


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